If you can’t imagine it, you will not get there

I regard my task along this guiding principle

  • to guide people to their own individual solutions
  • to analyze specific concerns holistically by pursuing a systemic approach
  • to set changes in motion
  • accompany people through solution processes they feel and experience themselves in order to ensure that they have a lasting effect

You gain

  • Conviction that beyond each horizon there is more to be discovered
  • Clarity about your position from an outside perspective
  • Awareness that your potential can be used more efficiently
  • Access to your hidden abilities and possibilities
  • Self-confidence to let a realistic sense of self unfold
  • More vision, equanimity and holistic understanding of nexus
  • The readiness to make and also accept change

…and create the basis for your personal and professional success.

Years of experience in several businesses in Europe and Canada, supplemented by professional training and life experience is my capital from which you can also benefit.

I have lived in different countries and learned the respective languages. Hence, I gained the understanding of different cultures and their specific mannerisms. Therefore, I find it quite easy to build bridges between people of different backgrounds and diffuse tension and conflicts.

  • Independent Business Consultant and Counsellor
  • Project development and financing (independent entrepreneur in Canada, Switzerland and England
  • Hotel Management Consulting (own business)
  • Lecturer at Ryerson University (formerly Polytechnical Institute) and Centennial College, Toronto, Canada
  • Hotel management in several countries around Europe plus Canada
  • Hotel and Hospitality Management (Vienna)
  • Corporate Leadership and Problem Solving (Ryerson, Toronto)
  • Business Communication (Ryerson, Toronto)
  • Business Consultant and Counsellor
  • Master of Arts MA. (“Mediation & Conflict Resolution”) (Vienna)
  • Trained to become an accredited Systemic Constellations Facilitator (German Society of Systemic Constellations DGfS)

Mental strength I get from regular meditation, my interest in and involvement with the arts, foremost with painting, see Brinek art

  • English, German, French
  • German Society for Systemic Constellations
  • Federal Society for Mediation (ÖBM)
  • Experts Group for Business Mediation
  • Austrian Chamber of Commerce
  • Austrian – Canadian Society
  • Altkalksburger Society (Alumni Society)
Theo Brinek, MA

Theo Brinek, MA

  • Mediator
  • Coach
  • Constellations Facilitator
  • Business Consultant and Counsellor