„It is with great pleasure that we confirm our successful cooperation with Theo Brinek. On several occasions, he was able to dissolve situations of tension and restore communication between the parties concerned with great sensitiveness. Mr. Brinek succeeded repeatedly in creating an atmosphere in course of a mediation process so that the important problems could be brought to the forefront and could be resolved. This were often problems that would otherwise be covered up under the pressure of our workload. It just needed a professional.

In my eyes he is a good mediator who also considers the fine subtle cultural differences, be they those of different generations, traditions and languages. I am thankful for his support. Whenever we have the need, we will certainly call on his expertise and support again.“

Florian Perz

Head of Development
VisoTech Softwareentwicklungsges.m.b.H.

„It is already a number of years that we all benefit from a productive and valuable cooperation with Theodor Brinek. His sensitive ability to build bridges between persons and groups facing each other with tension has always worked well. The mediator, Theo Brinek, is a conductor of feelings. Quickly he is able to gain the trust of the participating “musicians” and always seems to have the right baton at hand. In this way he lures the “musicians” out from their orchestra pit, leading them to playing in harmony.“

Thomas Platzer

Commercial Director of the Vienna State Opera

„Theo Brinek accompanies me for years now as personal advisor on professional as well as private change and development processes. He is a good listener who repeatedly and with special emphasis. He shows me new perspectives and leads me to find solutions. I want to highlight the sensitive and respectful way he uses methods of Systemic Constellations in his work.

With astounding accuracy, he delivers valuable information and pointers, be that for my private life or in my function as CFO of an international concern. I am grateful to ongoing support and want to thank him for that.“

Josef K.


„To be a director in today’s media landscape requires management skills ever more frequently. Hence, it is very helpful to be able to discuss conflicts in an appreciative and living atmosphere, get them resolved and develop new strategies.“

Sabine Derflinger

Film Director

„Theo Brinek cooperates with us since 2011. We profit from his professional engagement whenever we take advantage of it. With his fine feeling for people, their individual needs and requirements he eloquently directs the focus on the notable. This way he helps diffuse disturbing factors. All of us from the GMI Institute wish to thank him for his cooperation and hope to benefit from it also in the future.“

Dr. Markus Kiess

Managing Diector
Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology GmbH

„Dear Mr. Brinek, dear Theo!

Thanks God did we find you just in time. It was at a very tense and difficult time at our winery, where meanwhile four generations live quasi under one roof. You quickly had grasped the problems, which had become very pressing in course of our generational change and handover of the business. With your skillful hand and fine feeling, you succeeded to reestablish communication between members of our family. This still happens on an appreciative level. Today we are all well together. Thank you!“

Anton Markus Iby

Managing Director
IBY Rotweingut GmbH