Business consultancy will bring added value, when those interrelations can be uncovered which usually remain barred to linear and analytical thinking. The tools I employ enable my clients and me to get to the heart of an issue quickly. By implementing consulting methods, I pave the way to progress rapidly.

Successful corporate performance we can achieve through commercial expertise in the light of systemic interconnections. The iceberg-model shows us the relation between the visible and invisible parts of an issue.

My consulting services are based on a systemic, holistic approach. It is results-oriented across the board

Consulting in Organisation

  • to support (strategic) decision-making processes
  • to scan the marketplace as to the extent of acceptance of a new product or service before budgets are allocated for development and marketing
  • to assist decision-makers regarding the optimal compatibility concerning acquisitions or choice of business partners
  • when changes amongst human resource are being made, like dismissals, choice of new staff members, replacements
  • when areas of conflict tend to develop within or between different departments
  • when the corporate climate needs some “fresh air”
  • to find a way out of a desperate situation

Consulting for managers and staff members

  • to clarify one’s own position within the organization
  • to define present and future possibilities
  • to better understand and deal with the overlapping of private and business roles
  • to assist along decision-making processes about present and future issues
  • as general guidance concerning all organizational and management issues
  • as preventive measures against overwork, burn-out and collapse
  • when de-stressing is no longer possible by one’s own efforts