It is impossible not to have bias, yet it is essential to be aware of that!

Meeting people of a different origin is enriching. Companies are places where many of these people meet. Of course, that also entails some risks.

Misunderstandings, different expectations, individual habits, other patterns of thought, prejudices, often are barriers between people. We can experience some cultural differences already within the range of a one hours drive or by vising the next valley.
The spirit of Winston Churchill’s famous saying: “England and America are divided by a common language” can fit anywhere.

Misunderstandings and conflicts start mostly on trivial issues. However, if they are not brought under control in time, they escalate until it is nearly impossible to diffuse them.

Intercultural Coaching serves as a preventative measure amongst others:

  • to sensitize paradigm and values
  • to develop nonbiased attitudes
  • to deal with cultural based differences in the work environment
  • to introduce know-how which is country- and culture specific and the most important social and business practices
  • to enhance efficient cooperation between colleagues, clients and partners with different cultural backgrounds
  • to early detect culturally based conflict potential and develop appropriate strategic actions

Intercultural coaching and mediation are measures to clear and resolve conflicts, which have developed from cultural differences. Amongst others they help

  • to create a willingness to communicate and define common goals
  • to develop mutual understanding and acceptance of differing views
  • to clarify individual culturally based interest and traditions
  • to search for solutions all concerned can live with
  • to come to agree on conflict resolutions and subsequent measures to be taken

I offer you my experience and know-hot to develop an appropriate structured coaching program in order that you benefit from cultural difference as an appreciation of value.

Cultural diversity – a valuable resource